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The Complete Fix - Lane Departure System

Learn how Snap-on diagnostic platforms and garage equipment can be used in combination to help get a car ready for return to its driver after its windscreen has been replaced.

This is especially important if the vehicle has a lane departure warning system because the cameras will need to be re-calibrated in order to ensure that the warning system continues to operate correctly.

A Snap-on wheel aligner such as the V2300 is an ideal tool to help a technician carry this process out with the aid of the optional ADR camera.

The first step is to position the vehicle correctly in front of the ADR calibration screen and then use a scan tool such as the Snap-on VERUS Edge to put the camera into calibration/adjustment mode.

Follow the steps within the tool to go through the process in order to make sure that the cameras are lined up correctly.

This will mean the lane departure system will be able to correctly judge when the vehicle is moving out of its lane, and also assess the distance to the vehicle in front using adaptive cruise control.