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Audi TT Stalling in the Rain

The winter weather can cause and aggravate vehicle problems – not least when the rain comes down and moisture gets where it shouldn’t

Find out how Snap-on diagnostic platforms helped overcome the conditions when dealing with an Audi TT that kept stalling in the rain.


A customer came to the workshop complaining that their 2010 Audi TT 2.0L had a problem with the engine stalling during rain showers.

The first approach was to perform a visual inspection of the vehicle’s engine compartment, but this failed to find any obvious concerns.

So from there, a different method was employed. Water was sprayed on to the engine components and the vehicle began to stall, confirming the customer’s initial report.

Further inspection found that a blue-white spark was exiting the ignition coil housing so the coil itself was removed for inspection.

Several small holes were located in the housing, which led to the water getting through and caused the vehicle to stall in wet conditions.

The ignition coil and housing were replaced and a Snap-on VERUS Edge scan tool was connected to the vehicle to ensure that there were no fault codes present.

A road test confirmed that the vehicle was operating correctly before it was returned to its owner. The initial complaint did not re-appear.