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Find out how the exclusive SureTrack system from Snap-on helped provide answers when a Mini with an engine fault arrived at a workshop.

A 2008 Mini with a 1.6L engine came to the workshop with the driver stating that a knocking noise could be heard from the engine at approximately 2,000rpm, while the check engine light was also illuminated.

The complaint was verified under testing and a knocking noise could be heard so a Snap-on VERUS Edge scan tool was connected to the vehicle for further investigation. The following fault codes were found:

  • 287D - VANOS Inlet Actuator Movement
  • 287E - VANOS Inlet Actuator Movement
  • 2D52 - DME Super Knocking
  • 2DCB - Fuel Shutoff Due To Super Knocking In Cylinder 2

A visual inspection of the engine’s oil level and condition found that the oil was full but that it also appeared to be dirty.

Subsequently, a lab scope was connected to the VANOS solenoid and the vehicle was accelerated several times, although this found that the VANOS waveform was within the expected specifications for normal operation.

The next step was to remove the timing chain cover to further inspect the timing chain and from there it was discovered that a large amount of engine oil coking was present on the chain.

Researching technical information for the vehicle and real fixes provided by SureTrack* found that oil coking was very common on this particular model.

With that in mind, the vehicle’s intake manifold was removed so that the intake valves and ports could be inspected.

The area was heavily coked with oil, which led to the conclusion that the coking deposits caused the knocking sound, the fault codes and the condition of the vehicle.

The engine timing chain was replaced, the repair was verified and the fault codes and check engine light were cleared using the VERUS Edge.

The vehicle operated correctly before being handed back to the customer – who confirmed that their complaint did not return.

* SureTrack is exclusive to the VERUS® and VERDICT® family of products, MODIS™ Edge and Ultra, and SOLUS™ Edge platforms. A current software subscription package or the latest software must be installed in order to get access. Wi-fi connection is necessary.