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VW Golf Showing Codes 01331, J386 & 01336

Here are the steps that located, diagnosed and repaired a problem with a Volkswagen Golf's power windows, locks and mirrors.


A 2009 Volkswagen Golf with a 2.0L engine arrived in the workshop with the customer reporting that the right-front power windows, power door locks and power mirrors were inoperative.

After the complaint was verified, a Snap-on VERUS Edge scan tool was connected to the vehicle and the following fault codes were retrieved:


  • 01331 - Door Control Module
  • Driver Side (J386): Supply Voltage Too Low
  • 01336 - Data Bus for Comfort System: Faulty


Automotive Associate using a Snap-on diagnostic scan tool behind a Volkswagen Golf door pannel


  • The right-front door panel was removed for a visual inspection of the power window motor, which found no obvious faults.


  • A visual inspection of the door control module connector’s pins and terminals also found that there were no faults present.


  • The next step was to connect a multi-meter to the door control module to measure the voltage, which verified that power and ground were present.


A lab scope was then connected, the power window switch was activated in up and down directions, the voltage was measured and it was found that the signals were present at the door control module.

The lab scope test leads were moved to the communication high and low terminals at the door control module, and both signals were monitored simultaneously – both were present.

The results of these tests verified that the door control module itself was faulty. It is integrated into the vehicle’s right-front power window motor, which is replaced as an entire unit.

The power window motor was replaced, the fault codes were cleared using the VERUS Edge, and the vehicle was tested to verify that the customer’s complaint was no longer present. The codes 01331, J386 and 01336 did not return.


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