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MOT/ATL/Alignment Scissor Car Lift


Use one lift for multiple purposes with the Sun dual revenue car scissor lift – which provides wheel alignment, MOT testing and automated test lane options.

It's an electro-hydraulic (four-ram) scissor lift, designed for use predominantly as an MOT/ATL lift, that can be configured as a dedicated alignment lift or have both options to provide dual revenue opportunities to workshops.

It is designed for lifting cars and light commercial vehicles, and is ideal for ATL/MOT test sites, wheel alignment specialists and manufacturers.

Sun Dual Revenue Car Scissor Lift
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*Snap-on reserves the right to make changes to specifications without notice and without making changes retroactively.

Certified Maximum Weight (3.5T; 5T)3500kg; 5000kgMaximum Platform Height (3.5T; 5T)1805mm; 1805mmOverall Recess Length (3.5T; 5T)4790mm; 5710mmOverall Recess Width (3.5T; 5T)2180mm; 2250mmPlatform Height When Lowered (3.5T; 5T)280mm; 280mmPlatform Length (3.5T; 5T)4600mm; 5500mmPlatform Width (3.5T; 5T)665mm; 700mmPower Requirements400v (3 phase); 415v
All pivot points made with self-lubricating bushings for long lifeBase plates with levelling system ensures easy installationDual revenue lift for MOT/ATL and wheel alignment with front recesses for turntables, rear slip plates, and long platformEvery time the platforms reach the floor, the lift is perfectly levelled thanks to a patented valveFitted shaker platesHydraulic levelling system with a patented synchronisation device assuring constant levelling of lifting platforms regardless of weight distributionMechanical locking device with automatic engagement and pneumatic release, ensuring maximum safety when lift is in standing positionMinimal platforms height 265mm or 280mm dependant on lift easy access including cars with low spoilers - limited lengthRear slip plates with pneumatic locking in true position, angular and transversal movements in both directions
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