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APOLLO-D9™ Full-function Scan Tool and Software


Your job calls for having all the right answers every time you make a repair. But for that, you need the right diagnostic tool — from a company you can trust.

The APOLLO-D9 provides the information and resources you need to get the job done. It even gives you access to Intelligent Diagnostics from Snap-on — for filtered codes and vehicle-specific data to help you find the right fix, fast. No more hunting through forums or endlessly searching to find the right answers. No more wondering which fix is the right one for the job at hand.

Everything you need, and nothing you don’t. For that specific issue on that specific vehicle. All right there, when and where you need it.

APOLLO-D9 Features 



Sleek, sophisticated design developed specifically for the shop environment

9" capacitive color touchscreen display for improved readability from any angle — and superior visibility indoors or out

Four-way thumb pad for quick navigation

Fast bootup and one-touch code scan and clear, letting you move quickly from start to print

5 GHz wireless compatibility

Experience-Based Software

Patented *Intelligent Diagnostics workflow and filtered information for bringing focus to the specific vehicle and code you’re working on

Access to ¹SureTrack, a patented resource for verified parts replacement records and Real Fixes harvested from millions of successful repairs

Access to common procedures, specs and service interval resets

Patented Smart Data, delivering relevant vehicle-and code-specific PIDs with known-good values


OEM-specific scanner coverage for over 49 Asian, domestic, and European makes and over 100 vehicle systems

Instant vehicle identification for most 2008 and newer vehicles

Advanced graphing features and OEM-level data

Up to eight live data parameters displayed onscreen at a time

Records all data, all the time for easy switching to view alternate PIDs

One-click access to relevant vehicle- and code-specific technical service bulletins (TSBs)

Comprehensive and detailed functional tests

Unmatched Customer Support

Snap-on Customer Care, available at and 800-424-7226

Online training and support available 24/7 at

National online training on industry topics available weekly; go to

Finance options available — ask your Franchisee or other Snap-on sales representative for details

The Snap-on Cloud at save, sort and share pre/post scan and ADAS calibration reports — and show your customers the value of the work you do


* Access to Intelligent Diagnostics software requires an applicable software agreement.

¹ SureTrack is fully integrated into ZEUS®, VERUS® Edge and VERUS PRO available with current software. SureTrack is available with current software on TRITON-D8®, APOLLO-D9™, APOLLO-D8™, MODIS Edge™, MODIS Ultra™, SOLUS Legend™, and SOLUS Edge™.

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