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Quick Tip: ShopStream Connect™ - Data Manipulation

Applies To: ETHOS® Plus, ETHOS® PRO, ETHOS® Tech, MODIS Edge™, MODIS Ultra™, P1000™, SOLUS Edge™, SOLUS Ultra®, Vantage® PRO, VANTAGE® Ultra

Being able to record and analyze scanner data is pretty useful, but how do you look over the data once it's saved? In this Diagnostic Quick Tip, National Field Trainer Jason Gabrenas shows you how to use the free ShopStream Connect software to view data that is stored on a scan tool.



Did you know there is a free software available that allow you to sort and manage your files that you saved to your scan tool?

It's called ShopStream Connect and you can get it off the Snap-on diagnostics website. Let me walk through installing it and how you can go through moving about files and printing and things like that.

First off, you'll have to open up your web browser and you're going to need to go to the website to download it.

On the top right hand side of the page, you can see where it says 'Download ShopStream Connect Now'. So all you've got do is click on that. It's going to open up another page and ask for a little bit of information from you; what kind of diagnostic tool you're using, first, last name, that sort of thing.

Then it'll give you a download link. I already went through that so I have the install package right here on my desktop. I'll just double click on that, hit run and have it install for me.

Once it's done, just click finish to finish and we're installed. Once it's installed you'll see the icon for ShopStream Connect so I'll just double click that to open it.

Once it's open, you're going to also have to connect the scan tool to it, so we'll hook up the USB cord and then it's under the Tools menu, and then Connect to PC, and then it'll say it could be connected to a PC as a storage device.

So we'll hit continue and now it's in connect to PC mode and it'll come up inside ShopStream Connect.

There is my SOLUS Edge right there so click on that and you can see here's all the different files that are on the tool.

XML, these are the lists of codes. So say you scan a car and you get a list of codes back, you can pull this file up as an XML file and that'll pull up that list of codes for you to be able to print. And you can show a customer what's wrong with their car.

This is a code scan I did. It had 18 systems detected, you can see how many codes were in each system. And then if you go down a little bit further, it'll show you what those actual codes were by system. You could print this out, you can save it, archive it, that sort of thing.

Next one's bitmap files, so these would be all the screenshots. There's a SureTrack tip. And then over here we also have different movies, so if you save a road test, you can play the road test back as well.

Let's save this as SCM. That's a scanner movie and it will allow you to look at up to 16 things in graph form at once.

Here's my road test right here, and you can see across the top I have my different views. Let's pick 16 graphs.

There I have 16 graphs on the screen and you can choose which ones you want just by clicking and selecting different functions. You can also do a custom data list if you want. Select different ones. There's a whole user's guide online for this.

Another thing that you can do is that any of these files on this tool, you can just drag them over to your own hard drive, if you want to archive them or save them for later, or save them to a customer file, something like that.

Simply take the file that you want and move it over. Say I want to put it on this hard drive right here, I can just drag it and drop it, and that copies it over for me.

This is very powerful, free software that you can use and it works with any Snap-on scan tool to read all those files, to save them and archive them.

Last Updated: May 27, 2020

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