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Quick Tip: Chrysler® HVAC Test

Applies To: ETHOS® PRO, ETHOS® Tech, MODIS Edge™, MODIS Ultra™, SOLUS Edge™, SOLUS Ultra®, TRITON-D8®, VERUS® Edge, VERUS® PRO, ZEUS®

Vehicle: 2014 Jeep Compass. Did you know that many modern HVAC systems have built-in automated tests to make diagnosing issues easier? In this Diagnostic Quick Tip, National Field Trainer Jason Gabrenas shows you how to use the Chrysler automated HVAC test on a scan tool.



On a lot of newer vehicles they have automated HVAC systems. There's a lot of actuators and things moving around in there and you need an automated test a lot of times to either test it or calibrate the system.

In our software, Snap-on added that capability to Chrysler vehicles with that system. Let's go through that on a SOLUS Edge right now. We've already got this Jeep loaded in here so we're going to go into the HVAC system.

This is under System Tests and it's called Actuator Recalibration. It says this test will move all the HVAC doors to their full travel limits to determine the travel span of each individual door.

It's going to collect some data first and then now it's running the calibration. What this test is going to do is it's going to move all the mode doors to their different positions, to the full extent of where they need to be.

It's a good way to both test the system cause it'll throw a code if there's an issue or also after you do a repair, it'll recalibrate the new motors you might have to put in there.

And there we go. Calibration test is completed. Everything passed and looks like we're all good here. No codes, no problems. So it's a pretty quick, easy test that'll help you save some time in the shop.

Last Updated: October 9, 2020

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