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Quick Tip: Top Level Menus: Built-In Scope Training

Applies To: MODIS Edge™, MODIS Ultra™, VANTAGE® Ultra, VERUS® Edge, VERUS® PRO, ZEUS®

Not sure how to do a particular test with your lab scope? Did you know there are built-in training classes within a Snap-on lab scope? In this Diagnostic Quick Tip, National Field Trainer Jason Gabrenas shows you how to access the Top Level Menus inside the Guided Component Tests.



Did you know there's all sorts of lab scope training inside the lab scope itself on the Snap-on tools? They're called Top Level Menus and it's inside of the Guided Component Tests.

We go to the Menu button and hit Top Level Menus, which gives us a bunch of little things.

The first one I want to go to is How To, and here we have 10 Minute Electronics Classes, 15 Minute Ignition Classes, No Start Basics, Test Tips.

How about Snap-on Automotive Theory, not even diagnostic-related stuff. Air conditioning, how does that work? How does the DPF system work on a diesel? How do hybrid vehicles work? Tire pressure monitoring systems? All sorts of stuff in there, and they're just little classes that you can go in and take.

So let's say Test Tips. How do I do an Alternator Ripple Test? Go in there and here's how I hook it up, here's what it's supposed to look like. How about using cursors in the scope and measuring using that?

Here's how we're going measure using the cursors in there. That's scope training right there.

How about terms and definitions? What do we mean when we say Delta Time? There's a definition right there. How about Ohms Law? Maybe I forgot my Ohms Law today and need a quick little refresher course on that. How does amperage work? How about No Start Basics?

And then the next one is, on the Top Level Menus, Power User Tests. If I click on that, how about some current probe tests? How about dual channel tests? Pressure transducer tests? How about automatic transmission line pressure? Go in to that one and it's going to tell us how to hook it up and it's going to set it all up for us.

All that stuff is in every single Snap-on lab scope and that'll really give you a good leg up when you're going to try and use the scope in your diagnostics.

Last Updated: January 17, 2020

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