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TRITON-D8 Training Module 9

Applies To: TRITON-D8®

Quick Lookups. Oil specifications and resets. Access OEM technical service bulletins and recall and campaign information.



Snap-on Training Solutions® helps you get the most out of your TRITON-D8™ diagnostic tool. I'm Jim Moritz, global field trainer and sales support representative. This training module covers Quick Lookups functions.

Quick Lookups are integrated Wi-Fi functions that provide up-to-date OEM information on your diagnostic tool via a wireless network connection to the Snap-on network over the Internet. Be aware of the following:

  • Vehicle coverage for quick lookups is the same as scanner vehicle coverage.
  • Not all vehicles may have onboard diagnostic tool reset capabilities or have information available.
  • To use the quick lookups feature, you must have the current software upgrade installed on your diagnostic tool.
  • The diagnostic tool is equipped with the ability to connect to a Wi-Fi network. However, the connection is solely dedicated to the Snap-on network. Before you begin using an integrated Wi-Fi function, you must turn on the Wi-Fi and select the wireless network connection. If you experience a wireless network connection loss Quick Lookups information will not refresh or may cause the function to stop. To continue use, you must re-establish your Internet connection.
  • Performance may vary depending on your wireless network equipment and Internet service provider.

To access Quick Lookups, select it from the home screen. Oil Specs and Resets allow you quick access to the following OEM information: Fluid capacity displays OEM recommended fluid specifications and is the default screen. Typical information may include; vehicle engine information, oil capacity specifications - with or without oil filter - and oil rating, weight and type, and special notes. Selecting Functional Reset opens the service interval reset menu, within the scanner function, for the selected vehicle and includes functional resets for the oil service indicator and other supported resets. Select the applicable menu option to perform the functional reset. In this case, the function will set the oil life percentage. Read and perform any instructions that are provided, not all resets apply to all vehicles. Select the left arrow to go back. Selecting the reset procedure displays OEM oil service reset instructions. Typical information may include step by step instructions for manually resetting the oil service reset indicator using onboard vehicle functionality such as instrument controls cluster, accelerator pedal, information or media center control, multi-function switches, et cetera. Special notes or instructions in theory of operation are included. Use the scroll function to scroll through the procedure.

Next is the Tire and Wheel Service menu. The default screen is TPMS reminder reset procedures. This will show you any manual reset procedures that may need to be done on the TPMS system. Press the removal and installation icon to see tire mounting and dismounting info and TPMS sensor installation info. If there are pictures you can tap on them and zoom in and out, using the plus and minus icons. Press the functional reset icon to access resets on vehicles that need to be reset with a scan tool. On this vehicle, let's select functional tests. This brings up a menu for programming the tire type and pressure as well as programming individual tire sensors. Select the left arrow to go back. Press the tire fitment icon to see tire fitment specifications. Typical information will be standard and optional tire sizes, inflation pressures and wheel nut torque.

Snap-on is dedicated to helping you get the most out of your diagnostic tool and keep your customers happy. Be sure to watch the rest of the modules in this Training Solutions series.

Last Updated: November 13, 2019

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