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ZEUS Training Module 2

Applies To: ZEUS®

Diagnostic Capabilities Overview



Welcome to Snap-on Training Solutions. This module is designed to help you get the most out of your ZEUS diagnostic tool, and covers the home screen icons and operations.

Let’s go over all the Home Screen selections. Everything within the diagnostic application starts from here.

Scanner connects you with the PCM’s diagnostic link and Vehicle ID, allowing easy transition from job to job.

OBD Direct opens generic Scanner tests to quickly access vehicle systems without the need to ID the vehicle. OBD Direct can also be used for testing OBD-II compliant vehicles that are not covered by OEM-specific Scanner databases.

Guided Component Tests provides instructions for testing individual components and circuits

Scope Multimeter provides all the tools needed for performing electrical and electronic circuit tests and for monitoring signals and circuit activity. The Scope Multimeter works interactively with other modules. 

SureTrack is a database of diagnostic and repair tips along with verified parts replacement records, providing insight from millions of successful completed repair orders. 

Repair Information provides the ability to access your shop’s ShopKey Pro or ProDemand Repair Information System directly from your diagnostic tool. To use this feature, you must have an active SureTrack account, access to an active ShopKey Pro or ProDemand account,  and an internet connection.

Selecting Vehicle History allows you to manage and retrieve vehicle records, for vehicles that have been previously identified.

It can also save you time by providing the ability to quickly reactivate a vehicle when performing a retest after repairs have been made.

Selecting Quick Lookups gives you access to OEM TSBs,  Oil Specifications and oil service indicator resets information. See the ZEUS Quick Lookups video training module in this series for additional information.

Selecting Data Manager opens the Data Manager screen, which is used to view and organize saved vehicle data files, such as screenshots, PID data, Scope movies, and Code Scan reports.  

Help opens the user manual. 

System Settings opens a menu with four options:

  • Paired Devices
  • Shop Information
  • Data Backup
  • Code Scan

Paired Devices allows you to check the status of and pair wireless devices, such as the Compact Scan Module, to the Display Device.

Shop Information allows you to create and edit  personalized information that is included on printed documents, such as the Vehicle System Report.

Data Backup allows you to back up your saved data to a designated file on the internal hard drive, or to an external drive.

Code Scan allows you to hide or show the timestamp (time of day) on the Vehicle System Report.

Exit Closes and Exits the ShopStream DIAGNOSTIC SUITE.

The Home icon returns you to the Home Screen.

The Desktop icon toggles the Microsoft Windows Taskbar.

Here’s how the Home Screen looks with the Windows Taskbar displayed.

The MENU icon opens a menu of options that varies depending upon the active tool function. Typical information may include safety information, the user manual, and software version information.

The TSB icon is only active after a vehicle has been identified. When the icon is active, select it to quickly access TSBs.

The change vehicle icon allows you to deactivate the current vehicle and select a different vehicle.

The view record icon allows you to edit the active vehicle record worksheet.

The active vehicle is displayed in the bottom toolbar.

The hardware status indicators show the pairing status for the Compact Scan Module and Scope Multimeter Module.

Snap-on is dedicated to helping you get the most out of your diagnostic tool and keep your customers happy. Be sure to watch the rest of the modules in this Training Solutions series.

Last Updated: August 5, 2020

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