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Use Sun Tyre Changers To Deal With Run-Flat Tyres

Looking for advice on how to change run-flat tyres on a vehicle? Sun tyre changers are equipped for that - read on to find out more.

Run-flat tyres can be a real test in workshops today but the Sun range of garage equipment is designed to handle the demands of busy tyre shops without compromising on durability or ease of use.

Sun’s practical pneumatic mounting tool is an indispensable accessory for mounting and demounting difficult-to-handle tyres.

With its strong cylinder and extremely rugged build, the tool – particularly in combination with the optional Plus Kit, which is available as part of the Sun range – is ideal when it comes to run-flat tyres.

Bead breaking with the optional bead breaker disc is done dynamically during rotation of the turntable, thus preserving rim and tyre.

The tyre bead is pressed into the drop centre of the rim by a roller so that the mounting head can be positioned on the rim easily and gently.

During the demounting operation the bead pusher presses the upper bead into the drop centre of the rim so that it can be easily levered over the mounting head nose and finally demounted without any effort.

During the mounting operation of the upper bead the roller retains the bead under the mounting head nose.

The practical bead pusher follows rotation of the wheel, doing the otherwise tedious job of the operator, while preserving both tyre and rim.

The tool comes as standard with Sun’s STC5305, STC5325 and STC5545 tyre changers. The STC5325 and STC5545 are particularly suited to dealing with run-flats.

Here is what's included in the Plus Kit, which is available as a separate purchase:

  • Plastic bead breaker disc
  • Rods with tapered roll: 30mm (retrofit kits only) or 35mm
  • Triangular bead pusher
  • Plastic protector for bead breaker blade
  • Spacers for bead breaker blade
  • Tyre lever
  • Smart bead spacer tail
  • Plastic tyre protector
  • Operation manual

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