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After the Repair: The Power of Snap-on® Service Resets and Relearns

Snap-on® Service Resets and Relearns is an exclusive time-saving and productivity feature available on diagnostics products including: ZEUS™, TRITON™, and APOLLO™ Series on the latest software with an active software subscription. 

The Service Reset and Relearns takes data from SureTrack® Expert Information, plus technical service bulletins (TSBs) giving you the information you need to complete a repair. When replacing a component or simply completing a service, technicians can be confident their Snap-on® diagnostic tool will display all resets and relearns that must be performed to successfully carry out the repair. This eliminates the time it takes to perform research manually; the Service Resets & Relearns feature allows technicians to focus on getting the repair finished fully, accurately and quickly. 

Where other diagnostic tools and software fall short, the Snap-on® Service Resets and Relearns gives you specific information throughout the job and goes beyond basic procedures you need to ensure essential reset and relearn processes are carried out correctly after every repair.  


What are the differences between Service Resets and Relearns?


Resets and relearns serve distinct purposes: 

Resets: These procedures RESET a parameter back to factory specifications after the installation of a new component. Examples include resetting the Oxygen (O2) sensor, replacing engine oil, or changing the fuel filter. Resets are quick procedures following the replacement of parts to ensure that parameters relating to replacement parts are reset back to original factory specifications. 

Relearns: Are procedures to teach the Engine Control Module (ECM) to adapt to a new part. Whether it's a throttle body or valve body relearn or a Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) calibration, your Snap-on® diagnostic tool provides on-screen guidance. Before initiating the procedure, the system outlines the conditions that must be met before the procedure can begin to ensure an accurate and successful relearn procedure. 

How important are Service Resets and Relearns? 

In a word: Extremely! The significance of service resets and relearns cannot be overstated, primarily because they play a pivotal role in preventing unwarranted comebacks and damaged components, awareness of future maintenance reminders and most importantly, in maintaining safety features like ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems). It is important to always check your diagnostic tool to identify if there is a service reset or relearn to perform after you have completed a service or repair. 

Imagine the scenario: your customer returns to your shop, dissatisfied because the change oil light persists, or the SES light reappears due to a neglected relearn process. These post-service checks are not just procedural, they are your insurance against customer dissatisfaction and the inconvenience of a return visit. Making sure that service resets and relearns are diligently carried out guarantees that your customer drives away with not just a fixed vehicle but also the peace of mind that comes with a comprehensive service.  

A great example is how the infamous, misunderstood issue when an oxygen sensor is replaced on  a GM/Vauxhall/Opel vehicle, typically the relearn procedure that resets the heater resistance value is not performed as cautioned below. More than likely the new sensor will be damaged and cause a comeback. 


The relearn is a fast, simple procedure in the scan tool as shown below. In Top Repairs, you can also see that the O2 sensor is a common replaced item especially after 100,000 miles




Take the time to check for Service Resets and Relearns 

Resets and relearns are required for  the most basic repairs such as oil changes and battery replacement.  They are also needed on some of the most sophisticated systems like ADAS. The good news is that with the right equipment and access via your diagnostic tool to the correct procedures, resets and relearns are there to help you reduce/eliminate comebacks, prevent component damage, and keep vehicle occupants safe.
It is important to take that extra moment to confirm and execute any necessary resets or relearns, sparing both you and your customer from the hassle of unnecessary return trips to the shop.


Snap-on® Service Resets and Relearns revolutionises automotive repairs by listing resets and relearns specific to the repair you are carrying out. Service Resets and Relearns does the work for you by communicating with the vehicles ECU to make it aware of the repair or service which you have carried out and safeguards you against potential oversights when completing the repair. This gives you the ability to prevent unwarranted comebacks and potential damage, ensure vehicle safety and provide customers with not only a fixed vehicle but also peace of mind. This feature is only available for products on the latest Snap-on® software.


Dive Deeper: Snap-on® Diagnostic YouTube Channel

For technicians seeking additional insights, the Snap-on® Diagnostic YouTube Channel is a goldmine of resources. Accessible at your convenience, this channel hosts Service Reset and Relearn Quick Tip videos published every month. Each episode is crafted to provide a smart approach, offering not just speed but a comprehensive solution to navigate through complete vehicle repairs.
Stay in the know and enhance your expertise by tuning in regularly. The dynamic content ensures that you're equipped with the latest tips and how to’s, contributing to a more efficient and effective approach to your automotive diagnostics and repairs. Visit the Snap-on® Diagnostic YouTube Channel to tap into a wealth of knowledge that empowers you to tackle challenges with confidence.