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Installing a replacement Screen Protector

Applies To: VERUS® Edge, ZEUS®

Touch screen protectors are available as optional equipment, part number EAC0107L19A1.


The following procedure describes typical installation procedures.

Items recommended for installation:

  • Microfiber type cloth (lint-free)
  • Flexible straight edged tool (e.g. small squeegee, plastic card)
  • Cellophane tape


To install a screen protector:

Installation Tip(s): Cleanliness is the most important factor during the installation of the screen protector. The
following tips are provided to assist in the installation:

  • Clean your hands thoroughly
  • Clean the touch screen thoroughly using a microfiber type cloth, removing all dirt, dust, grease, fingerprints etc. 
  • Work in a well lit area
  • Minimize dust; work in an area with minimal air movement, turn off fans or air conditioning etc.
  1. Thoroughly clean and dry the touch screen.
  2. Peel the rear mask (Tab 1) approximately 1 in. (2.54 cm) away from one edge of the protector. Do not remove the front mask (Tab 2) at this time.
  3. Carefully align the exposed edge of the protector with the edge of the screen and lightly hold the edge down to keep it in position (Figure 17-5). While holding the edge, slowly pull off the rear mask and allow the protector to cling to the screen. Make any alignment adjustments as needed during installation.
  4. Once the protector is in place, use the microfiber cloth to work out any air bubbles.
    Installation Tips:
    To remove air bubbles, slowly work from the inside towards the edges. If large air bubbles are trapped, it may be easier to carefully peel back the protector and re-apply. If air bubbles are persistent, it is an indication that the screen and/or protector are not clean.
    If visible dust is noticed trapped under the protector, peel back the protector and use the adhesive side of a small piece of cellophane tape to remove the dust.
    To peel back the protector once it is in place, use a small piece of cellophane tape stuck to a corner of the front mask to lift the edge.
  5. Once the protector is in place and air bubbles are removed, slowly remove the front mask (Tab 2). Lightly hold the protector in place, when you start to remove the front mask.
  6. To complete the application, wipe the protector (using microfiber cloth) evenly while applying light pressure.

IMPORTANT: If air bubbles appear at the edges, use the microfiber cloth or your finger to remove. Avoid using any type of tool (e.g. small squeegee, plastic card, etc.) directly on the protector surface.

Last Updated: October 11, 2017

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