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MODIS Edge Training Module 13

Applies To: MODIS Edge™

Wi-Fi Setup and SureTrack Expert Information



Welcome to Snap-on Training Solutions. This module is designed to help you get the most out of your MODIS Edge diagnostic tool, and covers the use of SureTrack and connecting to Wi-Fi.

The SureTrack expert information system is available using the Wi-Fi built into every MODIS Edge tool. A current software upgrade is required. SureTrack provides more complete information than hotlines and more reliable results than online forums, because it gives you real fixes and verified parts replacement records, harvested from successful repair orders.

SureTrack features:

  • Common Replaced Parts Graphs showing successful fixes
  • Expert information hot-linked directly from diagnostic trouble codes
  • Exclusive insight based on experience from millions of repair orders
  • Definitive, reliable answers, validated by SureTrack expert technicians

Before you begin using SureTrack, you must turn on Wi-Fi and select a wireless network connection. To begin, select Tools from the Home Screen.

Next select Settings.

Select Configure Wi-Fi. 

If the screen displays a message “Wi-Fi is Off”, select the Wi-Fi Power icon to turn the Wi-Fi on. The Wi Fi power icon will change from a green check mark icon to a red “X” icon indicating Wi-Fi radio is currently set to on.

Select your desired network connection. Use the scroll feature to show all active connections.

If the network is password protected, a keyboard will appear. Simply enter your network password.

Select Connect to connect to your desired network 

From the Connect confirmation screen select OK to continue using this connection or Forget to disconnect this connection. 

The screen will change to display your network connection highlighted with a status message of “Connected” and an indicator showing the current Wi-Fi signal strength. You are now ready to access the power of SureTrack.

If you are experiencing network connection issues, an automated feature is available to quickly test your network connection. Before you start the automated testing procedure, turn off the diagnostic tool and turn it back on. This clears previous testing messages from memory. Then, connect to your desired network. 

From the Wi-Fi configuration screen, select the Wi-Fi Test icon to open the network connection test screen. The network connection test is an automated test that begins when the screen is displayed.

Network connection systems are tested in sequence and display a status indicator. Red indicates that the test failed. Green shows that the test completed satisfactorily.

If a connection issue is present, select View Summary to view the results. 

The summary information is helpful if you are experiencing difficulties with your connection. Scroll through the summary information to review the test results for each system and Tip messages for the current connection issue.

Let’s see SureTrack in action. From the home screen, select Scanner, then Demonstration. Follow the prompts to select the demonstration vehicle. 

Select the Engine system and Codes Menu. Select Display Codes to see the fault codes for the demonstration vehicle. To see SureTrack results, simply select a code from the code results. Let’s look at All Powertrain Codes. Screen 14 – SureTrack Results for P0101 Screen

The Common Replaced Parts graph is displayed by selecting the arrow located to the left of the title bar. The Common Replaced Parts graph shows the percentage of verified fixes derived from the total number of repairs by mileage, using the parts listed.

The graph may display one or more replacement parts based on repair order history. This example shows a common replaced part for Diagnostic Trouble Code P0101. The Mass Airflow Sensor is the most common replaced part based on 535 repairs involving vehicles with up to 200,000 miles. From the graph it can be determined that the majority of the repairs were made to vehicles with 100,000 or more miles, with just over 20% at 100,000 miles and approximately 11% at 150,000 miles.

Selecting the Fix It! icon will display the most common RealFix for the current Diagnostic Trouble Code that has been obtained from actual shop repair orders and is presented in a Complaint, Cause, Correction format.

Selecting the Related Tips icon will display a list of Related Tips. These are tips that may be related to the current DTC and have been obtained from actual shop repair orders. Selecting an item from the list opens additional details about the Related Tip.

Selecting the Related Real Fixes icon will display a list of Related Real Fixes. These fixes may be related to the current Diagnostic Trouble Code and have been obtained from actual shop repair orders. Selecting an item from the list opens additional details about the Real Fix in a Complaint, Cause, Correction format.

Last Updated: July 8, 2020

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