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SOLUS Edge Training Module 3

Applies To: SOLUS Edge™

Scanner Data PID View: Data Menu, PID View, Data Recording / Playback / Pause, Custom Data Lists, PID Sorting



Welcome to Snap-on Training Solutions. This module is designed to help you get the most out of your SOLUS Edge diagnostic tool, and covers the use of scanner data in Parameter ID view, also known as PID view.

SOLUS Edge Main Scanner Menu (Engine)

The scanner data display shows the live data parameter information from the vehicle’s control module. To access live data, select Data Display from the scanner main menu.

Data Menu 1

Depending on the vehicle, this may open a submenu of viewing options. Remember you can scroll down with the touch screen or keypad for additional selections. For this example, we will choose to view engine data from the submenu.

PID View 1

A list of engine data parameters is shown along with a brief description of each parameter. The data appears in a digital text format on the right, called PID view. The data values refresh as the vehicle sends new data. The speed may vary depending on the speed of data sent from the vehicle and the number of data parameters being shown.

PID View 2

Scroll down to see all available data parameters. The data is continuously recorded for all available data parameters. After 2000 frames are recorded, new data is recorded and overwrites the oldest frames of data. The pause button freezes the data display for closer examination and review.

PID View 3

When viewing paused or recorded data, the left and right arrows move forward and back one data frame at a time.

PID View 4

The double arrows move forward and back 580 frames at a time. Hold the button down to continuously move through the data. Move the position indicator to navigate to any part of the recorded data.

PID View 5

The pause icon indicates live data from the vehicle is being displayed. Selecting the pause icon stops data collection.

Clear Data Buffer screen

When paused you also have the option to clear the data buffer and start over. This is useful when vehicle conditions change and you want to record and view new frames of data.

PID View 6

Use the record icon to restart data recording at any time.

PID View 7

Scroll down to see the complete list of data parameters at any time the live data is playing, or when it is paused. Here are the rest of the engine data parameters for this vehicle.

Lock screen 1

Lock screen 2

You can choose data parameters you want to see together on one screen. Just highlight any parameter and select the lock icon to lock it on the top of the screen. Scroll down and lock to select additional parameters. This enables you to see relationships between data parameters. Simply select the lock icon again to unlock a parameter.

PID View 7

The Custom Data List function gives you even more power to customize the view. Selecting the Custom Data List checkmark opens a menu for selecting parameters to display.

Custom Data List 2

Checkmarks to the left of the parameter description indicate which parameters are selected for display. 

Custom Data List 3

Here we see the Select All icon. Use it to hide or display all the parameters.

Custom Data List 5

Custom Data List 6

Touch once to select all data parameters in the list. Touch again to deselect all parameters in the list. Touch the Select button on the toolbar to activate it. Then touch a parameter to add it to the custom data list. Touch it again to delete the checkmark and delete the parameter from the list. Select as few or as many as you want. Note that locked parameters cannot be hidden.

Custom Data List 7

When you have created your custom data list, use the Back arrow to return to the data display and view the list. Custom Data Lists can significantly accelerate the speed of the data display by processing only the vehicle data that you need, so you can find tough intermittent failures faster.

PID sort 1

PID sort 2

PID sort 3

The Sort function is another handy way to find and view the parameters you need. Select the sort icon to sort the list by the factory default sort order, or from A to Z, or Z to A.

Last Updated: July 22, 2020

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