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VERUS Edge Training Module 12

Applies To: VERUS® Edge

Guided Component Tests, Component Information, Component Tests



Welcome to Snap-on Training Solutions. This module is designed to help you get the most out of your VERUS EDGE diagnostic tool, and covers the powerful information available in Guided Component Tests.

Snap-on’s exclusive Fast-Track® Guided Component Tests include a variety of resources to test automotive components for a confident diagnosis. This avoids replacing the wrong part and the risk of comebacks.

To begin, select the Guided Component Tests icon on the Home screen.

Guided Component Tests

Guided Component Tests provide vehicle specific component test procedures and information that aid in scope and meter setup. Let’s select a vehicle and see what component tests are available.

Tap US Imports. Select BMW. Pick the Model Year, 2012. Let’s look at a 328i. And select the engine, 3.0L N52KP. Confirm the vehicle identification.

Once a test vehicle is identified, you can select a variety of component tests such as Transmission, Fuel, Charging and ABS systems. Let’s get some help with wheel speed sensors.

Select ABS and Wheel Speed Sensors to see the information resources available for the wheel speed sensor.

Select Component Information.

Component Information

Vehicle-specific information is available at your fingertips for the exact component selected.

We see an explanation of BMW wheel speed sensor operation, a connector pinout illustration, and the best location to access the connector, a component locator and scroll down to see timesaving Tech Notes explaining common failures, factory updates and recalls.

You get a complete explanation of how the component normally operates and how to test it. Select the back icon to return to the component menu.

Component Tests

The tests available for the selected component are shown. Let’s select the signature test.

The screen appears showing full-screen instructions for performing the Signature Test.  Plus connection tips and resources to reduce testing time. And a known good waveform so you know exactly what test results to look for.

Select View Meter to see your waveform or measurement.

Instructions and the meter are shown on the same screen. Select Meter a second time to view it full-screen. Select Meter a third time to view the Scope in a separate window. It can be moved and resized to view alongside other windows for cause and effect analysis.

Let’s change the sweep and get more on our screen. Selecting the Cursors Icon on the Menu bar opens a dialog box allowing you to place two vertical rules on the screen that can be repositioned to measure intervals.

Select Show, and Back to view your new screen with cursors. To reposition a cursor touch and drag it to where you want it. Touch the Shrink/Expand Detail Icon to view Cursor measurements. Select the Profile icon at any time to customize meter settings.

Last Updated: January 8, 2020

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