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Experience a century of groundbreaking product development, engineered repair solutions, and unwavering customer support with Snap-on, a brand deeply connected to the evolving needs of its customers.


Elevate your automotive service game with Snap-on's diagnostic software for cars, offering unparalleled breadth and depth in both general and collision repair coverage.


Discover the latest innovations in our Autumn 2023 release, designed to empower your business and streamline operations. Maximise savings while securing continuous access to updates and real-time information through a Snap-on Software Subscription.

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  Autumn 2023 Software Highlights

  New Features for Autumn 2023

Our diagnostic software for cars includes:


Alfa Tonale |Fiat Tipo Hybrid | Hyundai Ionic 6 (EV) | Kia Niro (EV) | Land Rover - Range Rover | Lexus RX | Mazda CX-60 (Hybrid) | Nissan Ariya | Nissan Primastar | Nissan Townstar + Townstar ZE (EV) | Citroen e-Space Tourer (EV) | Toyota bX4X (EV) | Toyota Corolla Cross | Audi e-Tron (EV)


Automotive: Alfa Romeo®, Audi®, Chrysler®, FIAT®, Hyundai®, Kia®, Lancia®, Land Rover®, Lexus®, Mazda®, MG®, Nissan®, Seat®, Skoda®, Subaru®, Toyota®, Volvo®, VW®


SECURITY LINK™  - Secure Gateway Access with Snap-on Software available for Ford (OEM registration not required), Nissan and FCA vehicles.



Content Glossary: 

Significant growth in additional Real Fixes, Fixed it data and PID Flags

SureTrack and Fast-Track ID Tips:

Presentation of SureTrack and FastTrack ID tips are now formatted to give section headers and bolds text, making it easier to read and find the relevant solution

ZEUS+ Only:

Easier battery level indicator. The battery icon id now easier for the user to identify battery percentage, and colour indicator if the battery is good or low


* Some software features are platform-specific. For details, click on the button below:


  Vehicle System Reports

Performing a pre-repair scan can find hidden issues and make sure customers are aware of problems before any work is done, while a post-repair scan confirms for them that repairs and services were completed properly.

A pre-scan report, done prior to work taking place, will highlight all issues to your customers and show the need for further investigation, while a post-scan report after the work is complete will show that the repairs were completed properly.

The latest Snap-on diagnostic software update makes that process even easier by linking closely to the Snap-on cloud system.

Automatic uploading to the Snap-on cloud of Vehicle System Reports generated for pre- and post-scans can be carried out on the ZEUS Series™, TRITON Series™, APOLLO Series™, VERUS® Edge, MODIS Edge™ and SOLUS Edge™ platforms.

From the Snap-on cloud, they can be printed, e-mailed or sent via text to help strengthen customer confidence in your services - and they can be used to fulfill mandates by manufacturers and insurance companies for pre- and post-collision work as well.

Find out more about Vehicle System Reports with Snap-on diagnostic software and watch a video explaining the benefits.

  The Snap-on Cloud

With Wi-Fi and a Snap-on tool, automatically upload images and vehicle system reports in the Snap-on cloud via


  • Capture and auto-load reports: With the most current Snap-on software loaded on your tool, capture your pre-scan and post-scan vehicle system reports on your ZEUS+™, ZEUS™, TRITON-D10™, TRITON-D8™, APOLLO Series™, VERUS® Edge, MODIS Edge™ or SOLUS Edge™ 
  • Image storage for ZEUS+, ZEUS, VERUS Edge and Diagnostic Thermal Imager Elite: Take pictures and screenshots with ZEUS+, ZEUS or VERUS Edge, create images with the Diagnostic Thermal Imager Elite and store them all in the cloud
  • Direct linking: Create permanent links that take you directly to the saved image or vehicle system report that you can add to and access from your workshop management software 


  • Mark files: Identify images as ‘KNOWN GOOD’ or ‘KNOWN BAD’
  • Tag files: File tagging makes keyword search fast for future reference
  • Get files: By customer name, VIN or sort by date allowing for easy retrieval


  • Compare and share: Use with others to facilitate diagnosis and repair
  • Be the expert: Share ‘KNOWN GOOD’ or ‘KNOWN BAD’ images with other technicians


  • My Network: Add up to 20 contacts, easily share files with your colleagues and contacts
  • Flexible sharing: Communicate pre-scan and post-scan vehicle system reports and images via text or email
  • Speed it up: Share your pre-scan vehicle system reports and images with customers to receive quick approvals for repairs and post-scan vehicle system reports with insurance companies to confirm manufacturer repair requirements have been met



The latest Snap-on diagnostic software upgrade contains lots of newly-added ADAS coverage, including:

  • 360° Camera calibration for all 2018-2021 applicable Audi®, Skoda®, Seat® and Volkswagen® vehicles​

  • Mitsubishi® Blind Spot Warning tests and special function for 6 models ​

  • BMW® Active Cruise Control for the 2002-2009 7 Series with codes, data, and tests​

  • Multi-Function Camera calibration for the 2020 Hyundai® Tucson TLE ​

  • 2015-2020 Mazda® CZ-3 (DK) Smart City Brake Support​

  Snap-on Security Link

Last year we introduced Snap-on Secure Vehicle Gateway™ (now known as Security Link™) - a solution to support technicians working on vehicles that have restricted access. Secure gateway modules are being put in place by manufacturers to ward off unauthorised access and potential cyber-attacks. The presence of these modules means that access to certain diagnostic functions on the vehicle requires registration and authentication through an approved scan tool.The Snap-on Security Lin™ is designed to help navigate through this new process on 2017 and newer FCA models.

Visit the Snap-on Security Link to find out more.

  Component Test Meter

What's New In Component Test Meter

      • Over 91,000 new component tests added. Snap-on’s ever-expanding component test coverage means that you’ll have what you need to diagnose the fault and get to the root cause
      • 57 new models and engines added to Guided Component Tests
      • 3 new case studies which provide you with in-depth guidance to some of the more complicated repairs
      • 1 new HOW-TO class for FlexRay Communication Network. Find this and hundreds of other on-tool courses ranging from 5-30 minutes in length

* Some software features are platform-specific. For details, click on the button below:


  Fast-Track® Intelligent Diagnostics

Fast-Track® Intelligent Diagnostics* guides users through every step to find the solution while avoiding the steps they don’t need. It shows Real Fixes that are relevant to the fault code, highlights vehicle data that is out of expected range and provides filtered bi-directional tests, recalibrations, resets and relearns specific to the job at hand. Check out more information about Fast-Track ID and how you use it everyday in the workshop.

*Access to Fast-Track Intelligent Diagnostics software requires an applicable software agreement.


Save Money On Subscription

Take out a subscription plan and make savings in comparison to paying outright for your software.

Spread the cost via monthly direct debit, and not only can you download your own software at each release but you’ll have continued access to the latest content, including SureTrack®, TSBs and Snap-on Information System (qualifying platforms only).

Can You Afford To Turn Work Away?

Skip an update and it could cost you more than you think. Invest in software and make sure your business has the information it needs to make repairs that frequently need a functional test to complete and fix.

It Pays To Invest In Software

Snap-on spends time with technicians to understand what you are working on –that’s why we make sure each new software upgrade is significant to coverage and value.

So, whether you need driveability, undercar, transmission, diesel, body control or just about any repair you can think of, our latest software release offers advanced technology to help you diagnose problems and find solutions.

Get codes, tests, tips and data for 1981-2019 model years, with the most extensive coverage outside the factory tool, the ability to service vehicles faster and more accurately with more time savings and profit than ever before, plus all of this and much more:

  • Our lowest software price – make savings vs. Outright Software fees
  • Continuous coverage
  • Coverage from all previous software upgrades
  • Continued access to the latest content in SureTrack – a comprehensive source of expert knowledge for professional technicians, combining diagnostic experience and vehicle-specific parts replacement records to help you improve diagnostic accuracy and reduce repair time
  • Self-service software updates

To find out more, talk to your local Snap-on Tools Franchisee, telephone contact the subscription team on 01536 413825 (option 1) or e-mail

Download Your Own Updates

If you're a Subscription customer you can download each software release yourself using ShopStream Connect. Here's how:


SureTrack® - recognised in 2019 with a Queen's Award for Enterprise in the Innovation category - brings together a unique combination of intelligence and expertise to help auto repair technicians of any experience level increase accuracy and efficiency from diagnosis to a completed repair.

The industry’s most comprehensive source of expert knowledge for professional technicians, SureTrack combines real-world insights with repair time-savers and detailed parts replacement records.

Build a diagnostic strategy with Real Fixes, Top Repairs, Causes and Fixes and more to reduce diagnostic time and increase accuracy.

Read more about how SureTrack can help you and your business every single day.


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