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New Sun Tyre Changers And Wheel Balancers

New into the Sun range of garage equipment from Snap-on is a series of packages that allow garages to expand their offering into wheel servicing.

The first package features the new STC5305 single-speed tyre changer and SWB100 digital wheel balancer, and is ideal for general repair shops thanks to its combination of user benefits and value for money.

The STC5305 with assist arm is perfectly suited for the handling of standard steel and manufacturers’ tyres and has a total clamping range of 10in-20in.

It features a two-cylinder table for improved gripping of the rim, a pneumatic tilting column, and a side-mounted bead breaker with adjustable inclination.

It features 2D SAPE (Semi-Automatic Parameter Entry) to measure wheel offset and wheel diameter in one process, Snap-on’s patented VPI measuring system for high accuracy, and split weight mode to hide weights behind spokes for a better finish.

STC5305 Tyre Changer* SWB100 Wheel Balancer

The next package brings together the new STC5325 tyre changer and the SWB200S wheel balancer.

The STC5325 adds built-in ProSpeed inverter technology, which automatically controls the speed of the turntable dependant on the torque required when mounting/demounting the tyre, along with a 22-inch outer clamping range, while the SWB200S brings 2D SAPE (semi-automatic parameter entry) and Smart Sonar – which gives 30% time savings on data input compared to manual – to measure wheel offset, wheel diameter and wheel width.

STC5325 Tyre Changer* SWB200S Wheel Balancer

Completing the trio of packages is the pairing of the STC5545 tyre changer and the SWB300L wheel balancer.

The new STC5545 offers ProSpeed inverter technology, a 24-inch outer clamping range, and a low-profile cabinet that provides flexibility and ergonomic use to the technician.

Alongside the STC5545 is the new SWB300L which builds on the other units in the range and also features a laser pointer that pinpoints the exact location for stick-on weights, and an intuitive three-digit LED display for the readings and bright weight position indicators.

STC5545 Tyre Changer* SWB300L Wheel Balancer

Read more about the Sun tyre changers and wheel balancers.

* All tyre changers on this page are pictured with the optional Plus Kit, which does not come as a standard feature.

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