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Sun DGA5000 Vehicle Emissions Analyser

Model: DGA5000

Invest in the Sun DGA5000 gas analyser and emissions tester to get industry-leading benefits and a multi-functional tool that can grow with your workshop.

You can integrate your Sun brake tester or add on the Prism wheel aligner, saving money and space and providing you with an additional revenue stream.

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*Snap-on reserves the right to make changes to specifications without notice and without making changes retroactively.

HC Measurements Range0-10000 ppm vol. Prop.CO Measurements Range0-15% vol.CO2 Measurements Range0-20% vol.O2 Measurements Range0-25% vol.Lambda (l) Measurements Range0-9.99RPM Measurements Range0-9999Voltage115/230VControl Cabinet Height (Including Monitor)1570mmFrequency47-63HzAFR Measurements Range5.00 to 50.00 (calculated)Operating Temperature5°C to 40°CControl Cabinet Depth580mmControl Cabinet Width620mmCurrent7.5/6AControl Cabinet Weight90kg approx.

The unit is operated through a simple, icon-based system which requires no special training

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User friendly interface

Access the filters easily at an appropriate working height for ergonomic benefit

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Route straight through to the DVSA website via the DGA5000 platform

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DVSA website link

The DGA5000 is ready for action in a matter of seconds

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Fast warm-up

  • Large 27in LCD monitor
  • Wireless laser A4 printer
  • Top spec branded PC
  • Keyboard and mouse
  • Internet connectivity as standard (customer broadband connection required)
  • Wireless smoke meter (approved for category A and B testing)
  • Wireless RPM and oil temperature measurement device with ripple\battery measurement function
  • Wireless EOBD RPM and oil temperature trigger device

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Other highlights:

A remote mouse is provided so that you can even operate the programme while sitting in the car or walking around the bay

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Remote control functionality

Receive faster query resolution from the Snap-on team with remote access functionality

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Service and support

Ensures that any moisture which may get into the system or through the exhaust probe will not affect operation, meaning the DGA5000 has an unlimited water handling capacity

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Unique water trap feature
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