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Update the Software on your TRITON-D8®, APOLLO-D8™, VERUS, VERDICT, MODIS™, SOLUS™, ETHOS®, VANTAGE™ or MICROSCAN® Snap-on diagnostic scan tool – now


If you’re on our Subscription plan, you have the exclusive ability to update the software on your Snap-on platform yourself, as soon as it’s released to market – so there’s no waiting around before you are ready for all of the vehicles coming into your workshop!

Install ShopStream Connect on your PC then connect up your unit and follow the prompts to get your device updated today.

You can take advantage of our two software releases each year to keep your unit fully covered while ShopStream Connect also allows you to download occasional software data updates that are released from time to time.

ShopStream Connect is a PC-based program that works with the TRITON-D8APOLLO-D8VERUS, VERDICT, MODIS, SOLUS LegendSOLUS Edge, ETHOS, VANTAGE and MICROSCAN families of diagnostic units.

It allows you to use your PC to open scanner movie files that you have recorded on your diagnostic tools, as well as being able to display up to 16 graphs on the screen at once so all of a vehicle’s scan data is immediately to hand.

Custom print-outs of that data can be created and shared with vehicle owners or saved by you with the vehicle’s records.

If your platform includes a scope you can also utilise ShopStream Connect to view lab and ignition scope recordings, auto-play, step through frames and pages, zoom and use cursors to help analyse waveforms.

Should you want to share their diagnostic readings with other ShopStream Connect users you can simply e-mail their files right from the application or post them to discussion groups. Either method allows other users to open the files, provide advice and help diagnose a vehicle.

The latest version of ShopStream Connect provides a wide range of benefits including improved scanner views, device operation enhancements and better drag and drop of PIDs.

With ShopStream Connect, you can also access the latest software service releases to enhance the performance of your Snap-on diagnostic platform. Download software service releases directly from the internet (not available on all platforms).

Download ShopStream Connect now to make the most of all of its functionality.

System Requirements:

  • Intel® Pentium 4 or Equivalent Business-Class Processor
  • Windows XP®, 7, 8/8.1 or 10. See FAQs for this info
  • 512MB RAM Minimum, 1GB RAM Recommended
  • 500 MB Available Hard Drive Space
  • Internet Connection
  • Internet Explorer 6 or Higher
  • Display Resolution XGA 1024 x 768 or Higher
  • USB 2.0 or Later for Diagnostic Platform Connection
  • Adobe® Reader 8.0 or higher, for displaying User Manual

ShopStream Connect Supports the Following Snap-on File Types:

  • Data Manager – Displays files with the following extensions
    • .lsc - Lab scope preset
    • .isc - Ignition scope preset
    • .vsc - ShopStream preset
  • Scanner DataViewer – Opens files with the following extensions:
    • .pids - ShopStream Scanner “movie”
    • .scm - Scanner “movie”
    • .scp - Scanner Snapshot
    • .scs - Scanner Screen Snapshot
    • .spm - ETHOS Scanner “movie”
    • .Icm - Microscan Scanner “movie”
  • Scanner Code Viewer – Opens files with the following extensions:
    • .xml - Scanner Code Files
  • Scope Viewer – Opens files with the following extensions:
    • .ism - Ignition Scope “movie”
    • .iss - Ignition scope screen
    • .isp - Ignition Scope Snapshot
    • .lsm - Lab Scope “movie”
    • .lss - Lab Scope Screen
    • .lsp - Lab Scope Snapshot
    • .mmm - Multimeter “movie”
    • .mms - Multimeter Screen
    • .mmp - Multimeter snapshot
    • .vsm - Verus Scope “movie”
    • .vss - Verus Scope Screen
  • Image Viewer – Opens files with the following extensions:
    • .bmp - Screen Snapshot (bitmap image file)
    • .jpg - Screen Snapshot (JPEG image file)
    • .sps - Scanner Screen Snapshot

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