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Adding Pressure Test Capability

Applies To: Vantage Ultra™

How to Add Pressure Test Capability to the VANTAE Ultra


Pressure Transducers cannot be plugged directly into the VANTAGE Ultra without an adapter.


The Pressure Transducer Adapter provides a way to connect the transducers to the VANTAGE Ultra and provides power to the pressure transducers. Up to two transducers results are displayed side-by-side simultaneously on the VANTAGE Ultra. These results can be wirelessly displayed on the VANTAGE Ultra. The pressure can be recorded, plotted and monitored in real time.

Typical applications include ABS, PS, transmissions, hydraulics, and fuel system tests. The Pressure Transducer Adapter has a LED power indicator, On/Off switch, three color-coded 12” flexible leads with insulated connectors, and requires 9V battery, which is included. Transducers are not included. 

Pressure Transducer Adapter - Part# EEMS324PSA

0-100 PSI Pressure Transducer - Part# EEPV302AL

0-500 PSI Pressure Transducer - Part# EEPV302AT

0-5000 PSI Pressure Transducer - Part# EEPV302AH

    Last Updated: April 28, 2020

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