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Snap-on Diagnostic Software

Find out how the latest Snap-on diagnostic software upgrade brings new enhancements to your tool - and see how you can save money while ensuring continuous coverage.

Intelligent Diagnostics live on the ZEUS diagnostic tool from Snap-on

ZEUS Diagnostic and Information System

Featuring Snap-on Intelligent Diagnostics software, ZEUS provides helps you diagnose, repair and manage the issue by focusing only on the detail you need.

VERUS Edge car diagnostic tool from Snap-on

VERUS Edge Diagnostic And Information System

See how the Snap-on VERUS Edge car diagnostic tool brings in-depth coverage, resources and industry experience to give you everything you need, everywhere.


MODIS Edge Integrated Diagnostic System

Say hello to confidence with MODIS Edge from Snap-on - a complete car diagnostic tool delivering advanced features plus the speed and performance you expect.

SOLUS Edge Full Function Scan Tool

Put yourself at the cutting edge of diagnostics with sophisticated functionality, advanced graphing and an intuitive interface on the SOLUS Edge from Snap-on.

ETHOS Edge Scan Tool And Software

Find out how the ETHOS Edge car diagnostic tool from Snap-on will mean you are ready to take on any vehicle in the bay, all day and every day.

ShopStream Connect

Update the software on your Snap-on car diagnostic tool today and extend its capabilities with the free ShopStream Connect program.

Snap-on Diagnostic Thermal Imager

Snap-on Diagnostic Thermal Imager

Make fault-finding clearer by using infrared technology to identify and locate potentially hidden issues with the Snap-on Diagnostic Thermal Imager.


VANTAGE Ultra Component Test Meter

The Snap-on VANTAGE Ultra is the ideal companion to any car diagnostic platform - don’t settle for a general diagnosis when the full story is just a tool away.

Commercial/Truck Diagnostic Tool

Do you work with trucks, trailers, buses and light commercial vehicles? If so, the specialised Sun Commercial Diagnostics Unit from Snap-on is the tool for you.



Quickly read and clear diagnostic trouble codes, display live data and reset the Malfunction Indicator Lamp in seconds with MICROSCAN III.

Snap-on Car Diagnostic Tools And Software

Join the Intelligent Diagnostics revolution with the ZEUS car diagnostic tool from Snap-on.
VERUS Edge from Snap-on provides advanced vehicle coverage, expert tips and industry knowledge.
MODIS Edge from Snap-on delivers advanced features plus the speed and performance you expect.
SOLUS Edge from Snap-on brings advanced graphing features, an intuitive user interface and more.
Embrace your future with the ETHOS Edge diagnostic tool from Snap-on.
The Snap-on Diagnostic Thermal Imager uses infrared technology to reveal heat, friction and more.
 VANTAGE Ultra™ Component Test System
The Sun Commercial Diagnostics tool from Snap-on is a popular unit for the truck and trailer market.
MICROSCAN III is the quick-read and clear tool for any technician.


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